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NFL Rumors: Is Dallas Cowboys Tight End Coach John Garrett Seeking Employment Elsewhere?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been no secret that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has encouraged head coach Jason Garrett to fire his brother and Cowboys tight ends coach John Garrett. Jason Garrett may not have to make that decision if John Garrett would get hired somewhere else, which could be happening soon. CBSsports.com reports that John Garrett has applied for the head coaching position at the University of Delaware.

There is no word on how interested the school is in hiring Garrett or if they initiated the contact but John Garrett may see the writing on the wall and is looking to find a way out of Dallas before he gets fired. It would also make sense for John Garrett to try and find a new job somewhere else and save his brother the awkward experience of firing a family member, which could happen sometime soon.

This isn’t the first time John Garrett has sought employment elsewhere, he also interviewed with Miami Dolphins for their offensive coordinator position last year.

I’m guessing not many Cowboys fans would be sad to see John Garrett go since he failed to develop any of the Cowboys tight ends behind Jason Witten. If fired, or hired, John Garrett will be remembered for the ‘high and tight’ coaching he gave rookie Martellus Bennett on HBO’s Hard Knocks during his rookie year. Bennett never developed his game with the Cowboys and they saw the tight end have a career year for the rival New York Giants.

Getting the Delaware job would be the easiest solution for everyone involved, but when was the last time the words ‘easy’ and ‘Cowboys’ have been used in the same sentence?

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