With Kansas City Chiefs Trading For Alex Smith, Should Arizona Cardinals Pursue Matt Cassel?

(Charles LeClaire/USA Today Sports)

If there’s one thing to take away from the San Francisco 49ers agreeing to a trade with Alex Smith, it’s Matt Cassel‘s time with the Kansas City Chiefs is most likely coming to an end after four seasons. All signs point to the Chiefs releasing the veteran quarterback and with numerous teams in need of help at the quarterback position, there’s one team that sticks out the most from the rest who should strongly consider bringing Cassel on for the 2013 season–the Arizona Cardinals.

After the way things played out last season, it’s safe to say the Cardinals are in desperate need of help at the quarterback position considering Kevin Kolb has been nothing but a bust since he was acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles. Arizona invested a ton of money in Kolb two years ago and while they may still try to restructure his deal moving forward, the best option at this point may to just bring in a new quarterback for the 2013 season.

Cassel has proven to be effective at times when healthy–so giving the veteran quarterback a shot may be worth it on their end.

Unlike Kolb, Cassel is more experienced as a starter and should be able to benefit from having a wide receiver like Larry Fitzgerald in the passing game to make life easier at quarterback. After missing out on Smith, the Cardinals may not have many other options if they plan on using a new quarterback for the 2013 season–so why not give Cassel a shot at the job?

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