Tampa Bay Buccaneers Need to Avoid Mark Sanchez

By Dan Parzych
(Rob Foldy/USA Today Sports)

There have been rumors heating up about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers possibly being interested in acquiring Mark Sanchez from the New York Jets in a deal that could also involve Darrelle Revis as well. Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano made it clear this week that he isn’t 100 percent sold on Josh Freeman and while the team may be interested in acquiring another quarterback–Sanchez is the last type of player they need.

When looking at Sanchez throughout his career, he’s received plenty of opportunities to prove himself as a starting quarterback and the argument can be made that he’s one of the most overpaid players in the league. There have been numerous times when Sanchez was at risk for losing his job and even though the Buccaneers’ offense may have a few more weapons in the passing game than the Jets–this is a move that Tampa Bay needs to avoid at all costs.

The last thing the Buccaneers want to see happen is they give up too many draft picks to acquire Sanchez and he ends up struggling once again. Freeman has shown potential at times throughout his career and the argument can be made he deserves another chance to prove himself in 2013.

As crazy as it sounds, Tampa Bay would most likely be better off with Freeman at quarterback than Sanchez when comparing how the two have played over the last couple of years–so let’s hope these rumors about a quarterback trade end up not coming true.

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