2013 NFL Draft: Pro Football Talk Reports Kansas City Chiefs Expected to Draft LT Eric Fisher First Overall

By Phil Naegely
Eric Fisher
Brian Spurlock – USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft always has speculation around each and every pick. There have been many mock drafts and many debates between who will take who, should a team trade up or down, etc. The first round will be aired tonight and there has been particular attention on who the Kansas City Chiefs will draft with the first overall pick. According to a Pro Football Talk, the Chiefs plan on drafting LT Eric Fisher, but nothing is official yet.

Let me be clear: while the Chiefs plan on drafting Fisher, there is always a possibility they could still trade their pick. If they do choose Fisher, the Chiefs will fill one of their dire needs. With the acquisition of QB Alex Smith this off season, the Chiefs’ focus has been on improving their offensive line. By drafting Fisher the Chiefs would be achieving that goal and fixing a very glaring issue.

If Fisher does get drafted first overall, he would be lined up for a four year contract worth $23 million. There is also a fifth-year option for those drafted with the No. 1 pick.

With the hiring of Andy Reid as head coach the trade for Smith, the Chiefs have been proactive this off season. If the Chiefs take Fisher with their pick, their season will have a ton of hype surrounding it. For Chiefs fans, you should be happy with this reported first overall pick, and I think your team will be better than 2-14. The Chiefs look like the 2013 season will bode better than the 2012 season, on paper at least.

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