Tim Tebow Clears Waivers, Officially a Free Agent; Now What?

By Paul Seaver

On Tuesday evening, former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow officially cleared waivers, becoming an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his short NFL career.

To no surprise, 31 other NFL teams passed on Tebow following the Jets’ decision to release him on Monday morning. Now Tebow can do what he wants and field interest from whoever may be offering. The only problem is that it’s unclear which team — if any — are going to be interested. That includes even the potential for a minimum-salary contract.

So what now?

Well, Tebow does reportedly have two offers on the table — neither of which however, may even attract the slightest of his interest. The first is from north of the border, as the Montreal Alouettes offered him the opportunity to come compete for the back-up quarterback position. Did Montreal not see what happened in New York this past year when the Jets virtually offered him the same thing?

Then of course the LFL got involved. Oh, not familiar with the LFL? It’s the Legends Football League — you may know it better as the Lingerie Football League. He was offered a position as a league-wide quarterback coach. Nice.

Okay, so Tebow is obviously not going to bite at either of those opportunities, so expect him to play the waiting game from here on out. If he can earn a spot on a training camp roster, then that’s progress, but at this point it’s all about wait and see.

In the meantime, he has reportedly invested in a chicken franchise in Jacksonville that will open up later this year. Did the Jaguars here that? The chicken franchise is in Jacksonville.

If all else fails, we here at Rant Sports have advised Tebow on five potential career opportunities that he could pursue. Tebow obviously wants in the NFL though, so maybe he should just look into these five potential landing spots.


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