Asking Bell Belichick for Aaron Hernandez ‘Answers’ is Wack

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For some reason or another people want New England Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, to apologize for Aaron Hernandez murdering a member of the human species. Hernandez committing the murder had nothing to do with Belichick or New England or the NFL, but come on man […]

Washington Redskins: What’s In A Name?

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Definition of Redskin according to Merriam-Webster: informal and offensive : native american. The word redskin is very offensive and should be avoided. That should be the end of discussion, right? The world itself is defined as being a racial slur and […]

Tim Tebow Released By New York Jets: The Obligatory Media Fallout

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With the news coming this morning that the New York Jets have released Tim Tebow, the medial and social media worlds are going to react in strange and mysterious ways. Not that Tebow discussion is ever sane or discussed with any form […]

Baltimore Ravens: It’s Time to Stop Idolizing Ray Lewis

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Only in the magical world of sports do horrible deeds and actions get completely forgotten over time, especially if you’re good. Ray Lewis, while not even remotely the only example, might be the perfect person that fits this description. Lewis, no matter […]

5 Landing Spots for Tim Tebow

Tebow Spots