Can Sam Bradford Deliver for the St. Louis Rams?

St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford

Since drafting Sam Bradford with the first pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams have a 16-31 record. Bradford has had high expectations as a No. 1 pick, and some believe Bradford hasn’t met them. The question […]

How Important Is Roddy White to the Atlanta Falcons?

Atlanta Falcons Roddy White

The Atlanta Falcons and their talented receiver, Roddy White, had a 13-3 2012 finish and made it all the way to the NFC Championship. How much of the Falcons’ success has been in the hands of White? When White broke […]

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees “Best in NFL”?

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees

Does the best QB in the National Football League play for the New Orleans Saints? Drew Brees is the engine by which the Saints go. Since coming to the Saints in 2006, he has never thrown less than 4,388 yards […]

San Diego Chargers Need the REAL Antonio Gates

San Diego Chargers Antonio Gates

As Antonio Gates goes, so go the San Diego Chargers. Since his arrival to the Chargers in 2003, Gates has been the real deal at tight end and the real threat for opposing teams in the NFL. The Chargers need […]

Could New York Jets’ Tim Tebow Become the Next “Moose”?

New York Jets Tim Tebow

With the signing of David Garrard, the New York Jets have four quarterbacks in the fold. Someone has to be traded or move to another position. Why not move the only one who could actually play another position — Tim Tebow? […]

Can Philip Rivers be the Leader the San Diego Chargers Need?

San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers

Since 2009, the San Diego Chargers have steadily declined. The Chargers leadership has been suspect over the last three years. Their sub-par performance (9-7, 8-8, 7-9) has called into question the quarterback play of Philip Rivers. Charger fans are confused […]

New York Jets and Rex Ryan’s Last SOS: Signing David Garrard?

New York Jets Rex Ryan

The New York Jets are the Titanic of the NFL, and much like the movie it is an unfortunately long drama for Jet fans. Scene one begins with the often side-show antics of the Jets skipper, Rex Ryan. The Jets […]

Will the San Diego Chargers Make It To the Playoffs Again With Philip Rivers?

San Diego Chargers Phillip Rivers

The San Diego Chargers have had a playoff drought since 2009. That was Philip Rivers’ fourth year as their starting QB. The Chargers have followed that with three long years of sub-par performance (9-7, 8-8, 7-9), and head coach Norv […]

Can Sam Bradford Play on the Big Stage?

St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford

Since drafting Sam Bradford with the first pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams have a 16-31 record. The question some are asking is: can Bradford be a winning QB in the NFL? At the University of […]

Tim Tebow Will be in Hall of Faith

New York Jets Tim Tebow

New York Jets back-up QB Tim Tebow recently spoke at Liberty University. His statement, “Football is just a silly game,” has raised the ire of football bloggers everywhere. But understand Tebow is ultimately not concerned about making it to the […]

Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan is a Top-Tier QB

Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan

There is no question about it. The  Atlanta Falcons are convinced that Matt Ryan is a top NFL quarterback, and this year they are going to pay him like one. Negotiations are underway to lock-up Ryan for a multi-year deal. After […]

Thanks to Andy Dalton, the Cincinnati Bengals Smile and Say—Carson Who?

Cincinnati Bengals Andy Dalton

In the NFL, quarterback moves are a big deal. For the Cincinnati Bengals, switching from seven-year veteran Carson Palmer to Rookie Andy Dalton went so smoothly they forgot Palmer’s name. The Bengals got a gem when they drafted Dalton in […]