Tweets may get Jabari Parker in trouble with fans

By fagofranklin
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jabari Parker is not known to stir up trouble. There were a lot of fans, that were upset, that he had tweeted his decision to commit to Duke University. As many of us know, social networks can cause a lot of problems. Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace are just a few networks, that seem to stir up the media.

Parker was debating his decision to either go to Duke or five other schools. He literally had the world wondering; what school could utilize his talents, on and off the court? Parker is the next generations of players, that has the ability to effect the community.

He has a good heart and is very humble.

The tweets that he were getting were rude and very offensive. For an example: one tweeter wrote, “You are a loser. Have fun not having a pro career after Duke.” That can demoralize a person.

What is this world coming to? Why do people say degrading stuff about a person that they do not even know? Parker has been going through this routine since he begun to play basketball. You can tell that some of the tweets are effecting Parker’s mindset. He has stated, “That people forget, that I am only 17 years old.”

Parker will do well as a Blue Devil. He will have to stay focused on the task to improve and take his abilities to the next level. Duke is the right fit for Parker. He has a chance to showcase his talents to the world and to his tweeters.


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