New Castle High School Player Brad King Using Wooden Bat In Aluminum Bat League

By Dave Daniels

New Castle‘s Trey Ball has a lot of unique features as a high school baseball player.

The fact that he stands at 6-foot-6 and 180 pounds is not the most unique thing about him according to

The most unique thing about him is that he uses a wooden bat in a aluminum bat league.

Wooden bats don’t give the same distance as aluminum ones, but that doesn’t mean the Ball is going to make things easier for pitchers when he is at the plate.

“Once they see him swing it, they realize, hey, it’s still a tough out,” Ball’s head coach Brad King said to USAToday.

Ball prefers his 34-inch, 31-ounce Louisville Slugger bat though and thinks he gets similar power out of his wooden bats. According to his coach, there was probably only one at-bat so far this year that would have gone differently with an aluminum bat.

“I love the sound of wood and being able to use it, so I went for it,” Ball said. “I really don’t care how far I hit the ball. I mean I still hit home runs with a wood bat, just as much I’d say as aluminum, so that aspect doesn’t really have an effect on me.”

Apparently pro scouts have been impressed that Ball is using the wooden bat and it will make the transition to wood even smoother for him next year.

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