New York City Marathon Possibly Cancelled Due To Hurricane Sandy

By Riley Schmitt

Hurricane Sandy has caused a lot of issues in the Northeast. New York was hit extremely hard and the area is still trying to recover. For some reason, New York City wanted to still run the New York City Marathon but it looks like they have come to their senses. It appears that the marathon will be cancelled due to the devastation.

Of course, a tweet is nothing official but public outcry against the marathon is growing by the hour.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  It diverts resources from the areas that really need them.  If that is the case, the marathon should not be run.  I understand that the city wants to show resolve, but there are better ways than running this marathon.

Runners will need water while there are people who have not seen clean water in days.  Sounds like a pretty stupid concept if you ask me.  Police and other resources will be needed for the runners and that will keep them from helping in the recovery.  Once again, that makes no sense whatsoever.  This is a bad circumstance and the marathon should not be run.

We will see if this ends up being right.  The source could be wrong and the race could end up going on as scheduled.  That would be extremely short-sighted but I guess we can not change the minds of people in power.  Oh well, I guess.

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