Katherine Webb Is Posing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

By Bryan Lutz

For all the people who have had their 15 minutes of fame, I am perfectly okay with this one. Katherine Webb, who was made famous during the BCS National Championship game, will be posing in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. The former Miss Alabama, who is also the girlfriend of  Mr. Alabama AJ McCarron, will give everyone, including her number one fan Brent Musberger, a nice little show when the magazine hits the shelves in February.


It’s safe to assume that Webb has all the potential to be the the 2013 version of Kate Upton. Not that Webb will necessarily pose on the cover of the magazine like Upton did in 2012, but I’m going to assume we will be seeing a lot of her–not only literally, but figuratively as well.

Any magazine/modeling gig is probably blowing up her phone constantly to book her and who can blame them? Not to go all Musberger for a moment, but she is essentially flawless from the physical standpoint.

Thanks to the Internet, the SI Swimsuit issue has lost its luster in the past decade, but it still gives us some good little nuggets. Webb being involved is just one of the many good things the magazine will give us in 2013. We don’t even know who is getting the body paint treatment this year. It will be tough to top Alex Morgan and Natalie Gulbis, but I’m sure the folks at Sports Illustrated have something up their sleeves.

Needless to say, I’m sure we can’t wait to see the issue when it hits the shelves.

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