Steve Williams: Tiger Woods Should Have Been Disqualified From 2013 Masters

By Jeric Griffin
tiger woods steve williams 2013 masters
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Let the drama-filled saga continue. Almost a week after the 2013 Masters golf tournament came to an end, Steve Williams took a shot at his former employer for a controversial part of the event. Williams said Tiger Woods should have disqualified for his illegal drop on the 15th hold of the second round. Woods turned in an incorrect scorecard, but was only given a two-stroke penalty because the Augusta National committee jointly agreed the rule regarding the drop was not clear to Tiger before he made it.

Williams was Woods’ caddie from 1999 to to 2011 and the two had what each described as an incredible relationship until Woods’ infamous extramarital affair/sex scandal. After Williams was questioned about it, the two were never the same and eventually parted ways.

Williams seems to be doing fine now, though; he’s caddying for Adam Scott, who won the Masters this year. Had Scott not become the first Australian to ever win the event, Williams might never have been asked about Woods’ illegal drop, but now the damage has been done.

Of course, that’s expected from a guy who claims to have been stabbed in the back by Woods after the whole sex scandal episode. But regardless of who says Woods should have been disqualified from the Masters this year, it’s a debate that will likely go on for quite a while. It would have been a lot more controversial had he went on to win the event or at least compete with Scott and/or Angel Cabrera in the playoff, but the fact it was him and not a lower-profile player will keep the argument going.

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