Wrigley Field Could See Massive Fix-Up

By Andy Schmidt
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend brings a lot of Chicago Cubs fans together with the Cubs Convention going on in downtown Chicago. It was announced during Saturday’s festivities that the team wants to make $300 million in improvements to Wrigley Field over five offseasons. This is a very interesting scenario to see what could be done with the ballpark as it nears being 100 years old.

I would love to see improvements happen to fix many issues with the ballpark but I’m afraid that the park falls down in the process with the all the work the team wants to do. There would be extra signage and advertising around Wrigley Field which I’m sure would make Theo Epstein happy in giving him more money to get free agents with. I am fine with any improvements done to Wrigley Field as long as the marquee and the scoreboard aren’t touched. If you are going to a baseball game, you are there to watch the game and not watch replays and highlights. If you miss a play checking your phone, that’s your fault.

I’m not sure the city of Chicago won’t like this idea as Wrigley Field has landmark status but if the city relaxes some of those restrictions, maybe the major improvements bring about a better experience for fans. There are a lot of people who would love to see Wrigley Field just come down as the stadium has been falling apart but I see this scenario as something that will save the ballpark for generations to come. Now if the Cubs can just win a World Series…..

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