Boston Red Sox' David Ortiz Is The Most Likable Player In Boston History

By Aidan Kearney
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Is David Ortiz the most likable player in Boston sports history? The Boston Red Sox‘ slugging designated hitter certainly is making a case for it this season with his heroics on the field, his uncensored mouth, and his actions off the field.

This season Big Papi has reminded all of Red Sox nation why he is so beloved. He is more than just a star baseball player. Yes, he is having another outstanding season. After missing nearly the first month of the season, Ortiz has come back with a vengeance, hitting 13 home runs, and 48 RBI in just 172 at bats.

After the Boston Marathon bombings shook Boston to its core, it was Ortiz who reminded Red Sox fans that “this is our f***ing city.” After hitting a game winning home run against the Texas Rangers earlier this week, Papi rocked his new shirt which read “Boston Strong” on the front and “Famous as F***” on the back. The fans love it and the FCC doesn’t seem to mind it either. Clearly Papi has reached iconic and untouchable status at this point.

Earlier in the season Red Sox nation rushed to his defense after Boston Globe reported Dan Shaughnessy hinted that he may have taken steroids in an interview. Despite the fact that Ortiz had failed a PED test in the past, public opinion was strongly in favor of Boston’s Golden Boy. After a temporary slowdown following this interview, Papi went right back to work by doing what he does best: tearing the cover off the ball.

Ortiz watched from the luxury suites as the Boston Bruins completed a four game sweep of the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins. After the Red Sox game was rained out and the players essentially got the day off from work, it would be understandable if Ortiz went home and got a good night’s sleep.

But that’s not who David Ortiz is. He understands Boston like none other. He gets how passionate the fan base is about all of its teams, and understands just how much fans appreciate seeing him at the game. Despite growing up in the Dominican Republic, a country not known for its enthusiasm for hockey, Ortiz has embraced all things Boston this season. He continues to not only live up to his billing as a great hitter but also as one of the great Bostonians. He may be from the Dominican, but he has become Boston.

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