NBA Mutually Agrees On Dismissing Coaches

By Andy Schmidt
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a new trend developing in the National Basketball Association this season in coaches and teams mutually agreeing to part ways instead of seeing a coach just get fired. That trend continued when Alvin Gentry and the Phoenix Suns decided to part ways with the Suns sitting in last place in the Western Conference. This is the right move for Gentry and the Suns but just is a weird thing going on in my world.

This happened already once this season when Scott Skiles and the Milwaukee Bucks decided to “mutually” part ways. Have we reached a point in sports where we are just agreeing that “yeah, I’m bad at my job. I’ll just go now.” Do teams just not want to come out and fire a coach anymore? I want to see an owner just straight out fire a coach and not “mutually agree to part ways.” It’s one of the oddest and honestly stupid things I have seen lately.

Phoenix needed a change at the top, there is no doubt about that fact since the Suns are just miserable this season and Gentry will find another job somewhere else in the NBA but let’s just fire a coach already. I wish the best for Gentry and hopefully the Suns find a coach who does better. It would help if the team had some decent players on it to help compete and those players can hopefully be found in the draft this summer. I say it’s time to mutually agree that I miss regular old coach firings.

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