North Carolina's Reggie Bullock Made Decision He Will Regret

By Anthony Lenahan
Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

When Reggie Bullock chose to enter the NBA draft earlier this month, he made a decision he will regret in the future.  The fact of the matter is that Bullock is a great basketball player, but he is nowhere near NBA ready.

I understand that once someone learns they can play at the next level, they jump on the opportunity right away with a chance to make money playing a sport you have always loved.

Bullock had a great year at North Carolina in his junior season and really rose to the occasion with James Michael McAdoo and P.J. Hairston when the team was struggling.  He scored double figures almost every game and showed his ability to rebound when the team went small.

What he could have greatly improved on in his senior season before entering the NBA was his ability to drive to the basket and have a physical side to his game. Bullock is a great shooter and has a quick release to go along with great range, which is great for the NBA, but at that level you can’t just rely on outside shooting to get you on the floor.

Bullock is ranked the 44th best prospect in the draft according to scouts and experts.  I don’t understand how a player can feel like they can’t improve their stock in one year when you are a mid to late second round pick. Bullock is so talented and athletic that all he could have done was improve his draft position.

North Carolina is going to be very good this year, and being a part of that team would only make him look better, but he has to live with his decision and hope he can prove his haters wrong at the next level.

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