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Arizona Cardinals to wear Black Jerseys on Sunday

Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson

Chris Morrison-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals are looking to “Black out” the University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday. The Cardinals will wear their Black alternate jerseys this weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles. The uniforms first made their debut in 2010. When they first came out Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt said the jerseys were “Awesome. Well Coach, I have to agree with you. I like most teams alternate jerseys, but it’s hard to take my opinion seriously because I was a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks lime green jerseys.

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The NFL states that the alternate uniforms cannot be worn on nationally televised games or after flex scheduling, which starts after the Cardinals bye week. So, the Cardinals only have a few chances through out the season to “rock the black.”  As far as I’m concerned the black jerseys are the best uniform in the Cardinals arsenal and should be used more often. The Cardinals have not had the best success in the uniforms, but considering the mediocre season they had last year and the terrible season in 2010 that is not saying much.

Some people don’t like new uniforms because they believe it messes with tradition. Personally I think it speaks to the creativity of teams to come out with new uniforms without losing their identities. In the end the jerseys don’t make the team the players do. Seeing Patrick Peterson fly up the side line after an interception will have the doubters forgetting all about the black.

So, Cardinals fans need to wear their black with pride. This week is a tough matchup against Michael Vick and the Eagles, but playing as a team will always give them a chance.