New York Jets Would Still Be In Playoff Hunt With Roger Goodell’s Harebrained Proposal

By Harry Dole
Even though NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez has been bumbling, stumbling and butt fumbling his way through the entire season, backup Tim Tebow has seen limited action; and probably saved the team a few bucks on his salary.  Rob Foldy – USA TODAY SPORTS

If the Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and the Tennessee Titans at LP Field proved anything, it verified there are two village idiots in the NFL:  the Jets and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  WR Braylon Edwards pretty much said what everyone else was thinking about the Gang Green; although he was later compelled to apologize for being too honest in a society which at times is propped up by lies.

As for Goodell, what exactly was he thinking when he suggested expanding the current playoff field by two or four teams?  Aside from playing politics and deflecting attention away from his alleged botched handling of the New Orleans Saints bountygate scandal, Goodell was thinking about making more money for an already affluent league.  Unfortunately, the league shills who support this proposal are certainly not interested in the quality of the NFL product.

Under Goodell’s inane proposal, the inept Jets and lifeless Miami Dolphins would still be in the hunt for a playoff spot.  Can you imagine a team which has played as terrible as the Jets have played all season actually making the playoffs?  What does this do for the credibility of the regular season and the game?

With more proposed playoff teams, essentially the league is telling marginal teams to just show up for the regular season, go through the motions and chances are they will make the playoffs.  This is similar to the NBA and NHL, whose regular seasons are utterly meaningless, with players often dogging it just to get through the long grind.

Even with the way the Jets have played this season, up until Monday Night’s travesty against the Titans (another awful team which may also be a borderline playoff contender in the proposed expanded system), they still had a chance to make the postseason under the current twelve team system.  Apparently, giving a team as awful as the Jets a chance to back in under the current system was not enough for Goodell.

At this point, does anyone, including Jet fans, really want to see this train wreck continue into the postseason?  The Jets last two appearances on national television in primetime have been worthy of an award winning comedy act.  It is beyond belief that Goodell would want the regular season football follies (which have been plentiful this season) to extend into the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings DE Jared Allen said it best when he called Goodell’s idea stupid and dumb.  Just as stupid and dumb as the Jets picking up a high profile quarterback during the offseason and refusing to use him while their underachieving starter repeatedly self-destructed during the season.

One wonders how much the Jets saved by not having to pay QB Tim Tebow performance incentives for this season.  One also wonders what other lunacy the Jets and Goodell have in store during the offseason.

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