Arizona Cardinals FB Reagan Mauia Claims Lennay Kekua Existed

By Riley Schmitt
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If you want more depth to the Manti Te’o and Lennay Kekua story, we have some for you. As we all know, it appears that Kekua was never real. Te’o was either hoaxed or he ended up making her up for some unknown reason. However, Arizona Cardinals fullback Reagan Mauia disputes that. He said he has actually met her.

So I have no idea what to believe anymore.  Could this have been a bigger hoax then we all realized?  Did Kekua actually exist and did something get screwed up along the way?  Or is Mauia trying to capitalize on this situation to get some attention?

Personally, I think Mauia might be trying to grab some headlines.  If you want to get noticed, attaching your name to this story is a pretty good thing.  This story is going to be in the headlines for a long time and if you want people to figure out who you are, this is a good start.  I had never heard of him until this story.

Maybe he met someone that was going by that name and that is how this came up.  Then again, nothing will shock me about this story.  None of it makes sense and it gets weirder by the hour.  The entire internet is captivated by it, which means people may be trying to exploit it.  That is not a good thing at all.

Stay tuned to this story.  It is going to get a lot weirder before we actually learn something.

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