Can Chip Kelly Salvage Michael Vick?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick has had one of the biggest up and down careers in the history of the NFL. First he’s a star. Then he’s a bust. Then he’s in Prison and suspended from the NFL. Then he comes back. Then he’s a back up. Then he’s a star again. Then he’s broke. Then he’s signing a 100 Million dollar contract and now he’s back to being bad again. Whew- did you follow all that?

The Philadelphia Eagles had a brutal year in 2012, mainly due to the QB play. You can say, oh injuries took their toll and that’s all fine and dandy. You can say the offensive line was poor, but in reality- it’s incredibly tough to protect Vick due to his ability to scramble out of the pocket. When it comes down to it, Vick just didn’t play well when he needed too.

Andy Reid was fired due to this poor season, and the Eagles landed the hottest college coach on the market, Chip Kelly. Kelly is known for his offensive capabilities, but the question on everyone’s mind? Who is the QB? Will it be Michael Vick? Can Kelly salvage Vick?

I think the answer to this is too complicated for right now to answer. I think we’ll know more as free agency starts, and the draft happens, but I happen to believe Vick is salvable in the SHORT term. Until the Eagles can find a QB of the future, I don’t know if anyone on the market is going to be better than Vick. I think Vick’s athleticism can thrive in a system like Kelly’s and I believe Kelly took the job partially because Vick is there.

We’ll see what Chip Kelly can do, but I know a lot of Eagles fans are basing a lot of their prayers on Kelly. We’ll see if he lives up to the hype as the offseason moves forward.

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