NFL Wisely Capitalizing on Robert Griffin III's Return

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Geoff Burke-USA Today Sports

With the release of the 2013 NFL schedule, came many intriguing matchups and storylines for fans to follow. One matchup garnering a lot of attention, is the Monday Night Football premiere, which features the Washington Redskins hosting the Philadelphia Eagles. Of course this also figures to mark the return of Robert Griffin III from his knee injury. Coincidence? I think not.

MNF is the highest rated show on cable television during the season. It does huge numbers, but adding this RG3 story to the fold, on opening night no less, could draw near record numbers. This is how you book it. The NFL will just have to hope the star quarterback is ready to go, and if he is, they will hit a ratings home run.

It’s just good business to feature one of the league’s most popular players, on one of the biggest nights of the season. Opening weekend in the NFL is a big deal, and the first Monday night game is always special. A matchup featuring two great rivals, as well as the debut of Chip Kelly and the return of RG3, should equal a classic confrontation. At least that’s what the league is hoping for.

I’m not only intrigued to see what Griffin looks like, but also how Michael Vick looks in his new offense. Many are skeptical that Kelly’s college offense will work in the pros, and also that Vick is still capable of being effective. Needless to say, there are plenty of angles for fans to get interested in.

The NFL missed a chance to feature Adrian Peterson‘s return a season ago, and it appears they’ve learned their lesson. Putting RG3 in prime time on opening weekend, is a smart move.


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