Allen Iverson's Life in Shambles Without Basketball

By Renae Juska
Source: Eric Hartline- USA Today Sports

Allen Iverson was one of the best point guards during his early years in the NBA. He never got the recognition that he deserved;  to this day, he is still one of the most hated players of the NBA thanks to his attitude problems. It is rare that we see him make a public appearance but that is exactly what he did on March 30th when the Philadelphia 76ers handed out Iverson bobble heads.

He refused to play by the rules of society back then and it looks like he still hasn’t changed that aspect of his attitude. As Iverson arrived in a black Suburban at 7:59 (for an 8:00 start), he stepped out of the car screaming profanity. He met up with 76ers CEO Adam Aron as he walked into the building and continued shouting.

In the past decade, Iverson accomplished 1 MVP title, 10 All-Star selections, 2 All-Star Game MVP, 3 time steals leader, averaged 27 ppg and won 4 scoring titles. Yet thanks to his attitude on and off the court, he wasn’t even considered a nominee for the all-decade award.

Back in the day, Iverson was known for skipping practice, attending practice with a hangover and refusing to follow the league’s dress code. However when you look at Iverson’s life now, you may begin to think that basketball was actually holding his life together.

It’s been just over three years since retirement and Iverson’s life is definitely not getting any easier. He failed to make a comeback, went through a divorce and even his $160 million salary has diminished; that doesn’t even include the $30-50 million he earned through endorsements.

When his divorce occurred in 2012, he stood in front of the podium, pulled out his pants pockets and said, “I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” his wife Tawanna then handed him $61. It’s pretty sad that someone who made over $160 million can waste it all in just three years.

If Iverson had laid of the alcohol back in the day, it probably would have solved a lot of his issues. He would have been able to attend practice normally and improve as a player and it probably would have helped his cocky attitude. Instead, he started out as a top-ranked player and then got booted down the line as bigger, younger players came into the picture.

Now, Iverson has had homes foreclosed in Georgia and Colorado. A few months ago, he was ordered by a judge to pay $860,000 to a local jeweler from an outstanding bill. Iverson’s life has simply dwindled into shambles and I don’t know how he is managing to live day-to-day finances without a job.

This just shows that an athlete’s demeanor will affect them on and off the court. When the athlete refuses to cooperate it just makes the problem worse and nobody will even consider adding you to their team. Young athletes should take note of this and get help if they are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or behavioral problems that make society hate you.

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