Luis Suarez Proves Stupidity: Takes Bite Out of Branislav Ivanovic

Liverpool is one of the most known soccer franchises in the world, but thanks to the teeth of Luis Suarez the club is in the news for all the wrong reasons. No one would have thought that a match between Liverpool and Chelsea would end with antics surrounding something other than goals scored.

Suarez is a maniac to say the least and his actions have been noticed during his time with multiple soccer clubs–it’s a wonder how he remains on Liverpool after constant skirmishes similar to this one. Chelsea was in the drivers seat with a 2-1 lead and then Suarez decided to slow down the opposition by taking a hefty bit out of defensemen Branislav Ivanovic. Oddly enough, the vulgar act appeared to work as Liverpool managed to attain the equalizer just seven minutes into stoppage time–I’ll give you one guess as to who nailed the game tying goal.

Chelsea fans across the world are irate that Suarez was given the opportunity to notch such an important goal, however his Liverpool teammates are standing by their crazed teammate like they should.

The NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL all have players like Suarez who love to be hated, however to gnaw on someone Mike Tyson style is nothing short of insane. Hopefully, the rest of the world takes notice of just how scary an act like this is, but it will probably just get chalked up to “Suarez being Suarez.” Like it or not, meatheads like Suarez are the types of players who attract abstract fans and make rivalries much more enticing.