Tennessee Titans Should Sign John Abraham, If the Price is Right

By Andrew Fisher
Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans‘ search for another pass-rusher is well documented at this point. After taking only one defensive lineman in the draft, Tennessee is now looking back to the free agent market. Arguably, the top name on the pass-rushers list, is John Abraham. The Titans recognize what he could potentially bring to the table for them, so he was recently brought in for a visit.

Coming off a 10-sack season, you’d think the defensive end would be a little more sought after, but he’s also 35. There’s risk involved in acquiring Abraham, because he’s one bad play away from the end of his career. He seems to have a couple of good seasons left in him, but injuries have slowed him as of late.

The Titans’ decision on whether or not to ink him, is going to boil down to dollars and cents. How much of a pay cut is Abraham willing to take from his most recent deal of $5.5 million per season? You have to think Tennessee is only going to offer him, at most, a two-year deal.

Tennessee figures to use to Abraham in more of a part-time role, just like most teams would. He’ll hopefully realize that, and be reasonable in his demands. I think a two-year deal worth $6 million in guaranteed money, with some incentives built in, would be more than fair.

Just in theory, this partnership makes a lot of sense. However, the Titans cannot overpay for the aging Abraham. He’s still good, but not $5 million a year good.


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