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Opposing High School Florida Coaches Wives Battle Cancer

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Tonight at 7, Holy Trinity (Florida) will be facing the Hustlers. Although this may seem like a typical football game, Holy Trinity head football coach Mark Ainsley and opposing assistant coach Eddie Edwards have a common issue.

Katie Ainsely, wife of Coach Ainsely, was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 4. Noni Edwards, wife of Coach Edwards, was also diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2010.

Both Teams are 2-1 in District 4 and have an obstacle between them and their goals.

Both Coach Ainsley and Coach Edwards face the issue of time with their wives and family and in the midst of a job that demands dedication.

Katie Ainsely’s breast cancer issue has led her to start her own blog to inform and encourage others.

“The percentile of women in my age bracket who get breast cancer is very, very small,” says Katie Ainsely.

Katie has been having a hard time finding people at the same stage as her, who have little kids and have gone through what she has gone through.

On certain days, Katie Ainsely doesn’t even have the energy to carry her 4-year-old son Nathan.

“He says, ‘You’re not strong right now?’ and I say, ‘No, I’m not strong right now.’ The weeks when I get sick, it’s very hard for them. Me losing my hair was very hard,” says Katie Ainsely.

Although the Edwardses differ from the Ainselys because they have no children, they have similar struggles.

Noni Edwards recognizes the benefits of her husband’s job change and is thankful he’s no longer a head coach.

“Being a head coach definitely takes away a lot of family time. He is a lot closer to home. It was a 30-minute drive when he was at Holy Trinity,” says Noni Edwards.

It may be easier for adults to understand the situation the Ainsely and Edward family is going through, but for the Ainsely children, Katie believes it is going to take some time.

“It’s been hard for them, but I think they’re seeing my faith in this. They see I’m strong. I just tell them God’s healing me, and now I just pray with them every night,” says Katie Ainsely.