Finally, Troy Williams has signed to the Indiana Hoosiers

By fagofranklin
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

For weeks, Troy Williams was an unsigned talent that was tying to decide what school he will be attending. He can now say that he has a home. Williams will play for the Indiana Hoosiers. Willliams can help the Hoosiers win more games  with his defensive instincts. He has that energy to make players around him better. That could spark some energy in the Hoosiers, because at critical times it looks like they have no energy. They need a spark that can handle the pressure in big moments. Williams is not afraid to shoot the ball in critical times.

Right now, the Hoosiers are ranked fifth in the nation. They have loads of talent that they have recruited. Williams does need to improve his long range shooting, because he has a bit of trouble shooting from that range. He also needs to be decisive when getting trapped; he tends to lose focus and that results in a turnover. It’s a simple and small mistake, but I know he will clean it up.

Outside of his improvements, he has some phenomenal ball handling skills. He can go either left or right. He is most comfortable with going to his right more. He will put pressure on your defense with his lanky wingspan. Williams will give you his all. The Hoosiers will be a threat in the 2013-2014 season. They have explosive players at both ends of the floor that play hard and will give you a chance to win. Indiana has done a brilliant job with recruiting Troy Williams, now all he has to do is produce for the Hoosiers.

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