Davion Taylor Scores 99-Yard Touchdown

By Renae Juska

Junior Davion Taylor from Maury High School in Norfolk, Virginia had one of the most impressive kickoff returns of the week, or maybe even the year on Friday night.

Maury ended up losing 37-21 to Lakeland High School Cavilers (Suffolk, VA) but Taylor’s 99-yard return sure made the game much more exciting. This was just another play of the week that doesn’t seem humanly possible unless you’re playing a game of Madden.

Pretty much every member from the Lakeland defense encountered Taylor on his epic 99-yard return. The first few players that he avoided seemed to just have some bad tackles but then it looked as if he didn’t have an escape route.


But Taylor proved everyone wrong. After weaving through a few players, taking a couple side steps, a few cut backs and almost getting tripped, Taylor made a clear path to the end zone for the touchdown.

All in all, Taylor managed to charge through 11 potential tackles in his 99-yard run. Although that does take some talent, pay attention to the poor attempt by the defense to stop him.

Watching closely, notice the number of blue jerseys that end up on the ground throughout the play; clearly the Cavilers were lacking some coordination as they all trip over each other.

In another game this season against Woodside High School (Newport News, VA), Taylor managed an 86-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, 106-yards for another touchdown, and 3 receptions. He may not have been high on the recruiting radar before this season but his current stats are sure to get attention from at least a few college recruiters.

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