Jeremy Mayfield calls into radio show, asks Brian France for his NASCAR license back

By Brian Berg Jr.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes things happen that make you go Hmm?  Jeremy Mayfield failed a drug test similar to A.J. Allmendinger some years ago.  Instead of following NASCAR’s road to recovery program, like A. J., he chose to sue NASCAR claiming the test was not fair.  His lawsuit was without merit but he continued suing only to be denied by each and every court who heard the case.

On Tuesday night Jeremy called into a radio program by MRN.  The guest for the program happened to be Brian France.  It is unbelievable that Brian France was able, after all that Jeremy has put NASCAR through to maintain his composure during the call.  I know I would not have been so cordial.

Brian France told Jeremy what we all know, he simply needed to go through NASCAR’s road to recovery program which is open to anyone who fails a drug test and is indefinitely suspended from NASCAR.  Without a doubt, Brian France is a champion as this exchange, given the history, could have gone very badly.  Brian knowing the circumstances by his composure demonstrated why he is the CEO of NASCAR.

Hopefully Jeremy Mayfield takes the advice that he has been repeatedly given and goes through the road to recovery program.  It doesn’t guarantee he will get back into NASCAR but he won’t have a chance unless he completes the program.

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