Top 7 Teams With Best Shot to Win 2013 NBA Finals

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Which Team Has The Best Chance To Win The NBA Finals?

NBA finals

Will this be the year that LeBron James captures his second NBA championship ring? Or, will Kevin Durant refuse to allow James to beat him again? The addition of Ray Allen will significantly up the Heat’s chances, which are already good.

Durant knows what it feels like to be so close. Just to lose it all. He’s trained with James and a lot more basketball and playoff experience than he did last year. However, will the loss of James Harden hurt Oklahoma City Thunder when competition gets steeper?

The Los Angeles Clippers have the deepest bench in the league. They have every piece of the puzzle. They have an unbelievable point guard in Chris Paul, a scorer in Jamal Crawford and a frontcourt who can do almost everything in Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Yet, on the road they don’t play well and they’re untested against top seed teams like the Thunder and the Miami Heat.

The New York Knicks are the best team in the Eastern Conference and maybe the league because Carmelo Anthony is finally being Carmelo Anthony.

The Chicago Bulls are playing well without Derrick Rose, they’re a very team deep but they aren’t really contenders without Rose. Upon #TheReturn, will the Bulls be in the championship discussion?

The Memphis Grizzlies are good and will probably make a deep run, but are they good enough to win it all?

The Los Angeles Lakers are playing every game like it’s a playoff game. They have the talent to make the playoffs but they can’t win.

The Western Conference isn’t stacked and it’s still hard to see the NBA playoffs without the Lakers.

With all of these great teams playing outstanding ball, which teams have the best shot to win 2013 NBA Finals?

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7. Los Angeles Lakers


The Lakers should be the favorite to win the NBA championship. If only they could win. Even one game.

It’s still hard to see a Western Conference without the Lakers. Going off talent, merit and statistics, they stand a chance if they can get it together in the near future.

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6. The Boston Celtics


The Celtics have weaknesses. Yet, they can still beat top teams like the Knicks. If they're able to land DeMarcus Cousins, the Celtics will be difficult to beat.

Age and rebounding are working against them but trash-talking and a general manager aiming to improve should make these problems obsolete.

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5. The Memphis Grizzlies


The Grizzlies very well could be the wild card in the 2013 NBA finals.

They're roster isn't young but isn't old. They lack "superstars" but they have a developed and dependable lineup.

The Grizzlies challenge even the best teams. Hopefully, the roster stays how it is.

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4. Los Angeles Clippers


Will management destroy everything? According to HoopsVibe, it’s rumored that the Clippers were interested in trading Jordan and Eric Bledsoe for Anderson Varejao, a move that could have been one of the worst trade deals in the history of the NBA.

The Clippers would have started either Varejao or Lamar Odom at center. Odom’s improved but he wasn’t even a starter during his best years.

This trade didn’t go down because Varejao needed surgery but if the Clippers are shopping Jordan because he has a bigger contract and Bledsoe for who knows what reason, they will mess up one of the most successful forumlas in the league.

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3. The Miami Heat


The Heat will have a rough time getting out of the east victorious. The Knicks want it. The Celtics want it. The Bulls want it. Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo, and Derrick Rose have been waiting a long time.

The Heat still have the best shot at winning the conference but the Thunder's young roster is better than they were last year. They're more experienced and they know what it's like to be so close. Just to lose it all.

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2. The New York Knicks


The only thing that can stop the Knicks is trash-talking.

At Madison Square Garden, they're almost impossible to beat.

The Knicks are the most complete team in the league and are most likely to take the East from the Heat.

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1. The Oklahoma City Thunder


The Thunder are the Knicks' greatest competition right now.

The Thunder overwhelm other teams. They're the complete and total package.

Hopefully the taste of being so close to the championship is still strong for the Thunder and the Harden trade didn't harm them too much.

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