Fans Get NBA All-Star Game Starters Almost Right

By Andy Schmidt
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing like fan-voting for the National Basketball Association All-Star Game. There are many years where fans pick all the right players, and some years where it appears like they just picked their favorite players. That appears to be what happened with this year’s NBA All-Star Game, as eight of the ten starters come from four teams. While I don’t have a huge problem with most of these picks, I do have a huge problem with Dwight Howard getting voted in.

Howard has been awful in his first year with the Los Angeles Lakers and doesn’t deserve to be starting for the Western Conference in this game. I’m sure there are several other players who should be starting on Feb. 17 in Houston. Kobe Bryant starting for the 15th straight game is quite the accomplishment though, and something that is earned. I have to love the Eastern Conference starters as well, especially the back-stories around them as four of them have gotten into a tussle with one of the other starters on the team at some point. I wonder how well that is going to work out, and if those players can treat this like an exhibition for the fans.

The game is about the fans, of course, but I really wish the fans were taken out of voting for these games as we get players who shouldn’t be in the game in the first place. I know it won’t change any time soon, but it is great to discuss and will give fans something to watch on their football-free Sunday going forward.

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