The Florida State Seminoles Fooled Us All

By Carl Conrad
Kelvin Benjamin-US PRESSWIRE

See you later Florida State Seminoles. It was fun while it lasted, but once again you have tricked us all into thinking your journey back to prominence had finally reached it’s destination. You enticed us with your defense that many said has elite talent with six, yes six players that could find NFL homes in the 2013 draft.

We stuck up for you against those who didn’t take you seriously because of your conference affiliation. We even picked you to make it to the BCS championship due to your easy schedule in that weak conference of yours. We over looked the problems of your offensive line and even said the whole carousel you experienced with injuries to your lineman last season should’ve earned the experience necessary to compete.

Since you’re not in a strong conference, this one loss will haunt you the rest of the season. An ACC championship just doesn’t quite quench the the thirst of us who predicted you to be the team to break the SEC‘s streak of six straight championships. We expected the potential of the Clemson Tigers derailing the season. We could have even expected it from the Virginia Tech Hookies, but somehow the North Carolina State Wolfpack rose up and diminished any hope you had.

How could you give up the big plays on defense? We don’t understand how you  could put a lid on the high-powered offense like the Tigers (10th in the nation in total offense), but couldn’t hold a team that ranks 46th in total offense? Championship teams step up even when things are going wrong, we expected more from you FSU.

Did you overlook the Wolfpack? You, the Seminoles, have struggled in in Raleigh in eight visits, going 3-5 now. Your head coach, Jimbo Fisher, had to have told you to not under-estimate a conference opponent on the road, but you still fell victim to the usual mid-season loss. We should’ve seen this coming. This marks the fourth time you started out 5-0 and lost in the sixth game since 1999.

Please explain to us how you the Wolfpack allowed Miami Hurricanes quarterback Stephen Morris to throw for 566 yards and five touchdowns the week before? Isn’t E.J. Manuel a better quarterback? It’s almost like you got cocky. There’s a difference between having confidence and just flat out being cocky. As the season goes on and the national championship picture gets more clear, you’ll be an afterthought. And, once again, we’ll probably talk about is this year next season, but it’s getting harder and harder to trust you.

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