Despite Not Playing, Florida Gators' Darrin Kitchens Stood Out In A Sugar Bowl Loss

By Ben Grimaldi
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always hard to lose games–especially ones that you’re predicted to win. It’s even worse when you’re a member of a team that loses, so imagine how all the Florida Gators and their players felt last night as they lost to the Louisville Cardinals in the Sugar Bowl. The Gators players were so upset at the loss that they all went directly to the locker room instead of going to the band section and hearing the Florida fight song for one last time this season.

All except one player, Darrin Kitchens. The junior linebacker went over to the band and sang the fight song for the Florida Gators with his helmet in hand, by himself. To make the story even better, Kitchens never played a down on Wednesday night.

Talk about class, dignity and respect. Kitchens showed all of those qualities with his actions in a losing effort last night. There’s something to be said for a person who’s stands on his own and does the right thing. I realize no one really cares about the band, but just like the Florida football team, they show up for every game too. They put in the practice and all the work during the year to do their part to root on their school and they deserve some respect too.

Kudos for Kitchens for the sportsmanship he showed in a loss last night and respecting the tradition that dozens of other schools have. Some things are bigger than winning, and losing and it’s a lesson that more people should learn.

Darrin Kitchens is a winner, no matter what the scoreboard said last night.

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