Notre Dame ACC Move Makes Perfect Sense


News released this morning that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will join the Atlantic Coast Conference in all sports, except for football. Currently, Notre Dame is a quasi-member of the Big East Conference, but their new relationship with the ACC […]

Julius Peppers Transcript Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone


Not because the grades are low. No, we’re not here to discuss the 1.84. Hell, I’ve gotten lower than a 1.84 in college before. Twice. I’m not going to sit here and rip a fella for poor school performance. Especially […]

Top 10 College Places to Pre-Game


School’s almost in session, and you know what that means: College football‘s right around the corner. For a lot of you incoming Freshmen, this is about to be one helluva ride for you 12  Saturdays in a row. And you’re […]

IMG College: Quiet College Football Devil


Welcome to Tin Foil Cap Corner, where today we’ll discuss incredibly coincidental events that may or may not be nominees for “World’s Greatest Conspiracy Theories Lifetime Achievement Award.” Today, we dig into this thesis. “ESPN, in conjunction with IMG, wanted […]

The Joe Paterno Legacy: Complex, Flawed, Human


There’s nothing like a scandal to polarize people into warring factions of manufactured outrage. Once news of Jerry Sandusky’s monstrous exploits broke, it took hardly a few solid minutes before battle lines were drawn. On one side, the voracious lynch […]