David Caldwell Shoots Down Tim Tebow Rumors

By Riley Schmitt
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow was never a fit in New York. As much as people tried to find a spot for him, the coaching staff never wanted him. That is why he did not play. Many have thought the Jacksonville Jaguars would go after him but their new general manager put a squash to that on Thursday.

See, this may come as a shock but don’t take it as a certainty.  David Caldwell could just be saying that for now.  I would imagine that the team is going to look at him.  If they want to get some easy merchandise sales, they would sign Tebow.  If they want to avoid looking like a joke, they would avoid him.

I am actually happy Caldwell came out and said this.  This does a good job of getting in front of the speculation before things could spiral out of control.  By saying this now, you show confidence in what you have on the roster and you eliminate a potential distraction before it can even start.

Then again, this could change in a matter of weeks.  If Tebow is on the market, I bet they do end up taking a look at him.  They may not sign him but there will probably be some interest.

Tebow may just not have that many suitors, though.  If the Jaguars won’t take the risk, who will?

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