Phil Emery Needs to Make a Decision This Week

By Joseph Olmo
David Banks – US Presswire

Phil Emery is hurting his own cause by interviewing a known number of 13 candidates and maybe more unknown candidates as well for the head coaching job of the Chicago Bears.

It’s one thing to gain as much information as you can about what others think of your team and organization; it’s another to bring in candidates with no realistic shot at becoming the next head coach.

I’m sorry, but I highly doubt Atlanta Falcons special teams coach Keith Armstrong or Minnesota Vikings special teams coach Mike Priefer have a chance at this position.

With both the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans losing in the divisional round this weekend, that opens up the possibility of bringing in either Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy or Texans O.C. Rick Dennison as finalists for the job as early as this week.

That being said, the top four candidates for the next Bears’ head coach should be, in no particular order, McCoy, Dennison, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, and Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman.

On Friday, Fox Analyst and former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson tweeted out that Trestman was getting the job, but went on to reword his statement saying that that is what he was hearing. Whether or not Johnson has inside information, both Trestman and the Bears are denying his tweet.

Emery needs to make a decision on the next head coach this week. He stated in his press conference that in a perfect world he would be standing side-by-side with the head coach at the college all-star games. Well the first one is this Saturday with the East-West Shrine Game, so if he wants this vision to come true, he needs to make a choice on a coach and fast.

Emery is not only hurting his college scouting opportunities, he’s hurting the rest of the coaching staff. The longer he waits on a head coach, the harder it becomes to find assistant coaches that can fit in with the rest of the staff.

The Bears were in this position a few years ago after firing Ron Turner. They waited too long and were stuck hiring Mike Martz. The only logical explanation for bringing in as many guys as they have for interviews is to see if any of them could come in as assistant coaches to help fill out the new regime.

And no I don’t want to see Mike Singletary as a coach with the Bears either. Sorry Mike. I want winners.

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