Philadelphia Eagles Strike Gold With Chip Kelly Hire

By Riley Schmitt
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you think you have the Philadelphia Eagles figured out, they change the question. After a coaching search that was all over the map, the team shocked everyone by bringing in Chip Kelly. You know, the guy that turned them down to return to college.

This move is going to be a great one for this team.  Football is changing and Kelly is one of those guys who is ahead of the curve.  His tempo is going to be something that gives the pros fits.  It is hard to adjust to something that you are not used to.  By bringing in a guy like Kelly, the Eagles might be ahead of the curve as football continues to change.

There is a chance that this ends up failing but you really can’t blame the Eagles for trying here.  They went out and sought a home run.  This hire certainly has the chance to be that.  The other options on the table may have been fine but they were not going to be at the level as Kelly.  This is a move that stopped everyone in their tracks.

I am excited to see this type of style enter the pro ranks.  We have seen bits and pieces of it, but Kelly will bring it out in full force.  It may not work right away but you know that you will watch them play. It is something different, which is probably something that is needed.  If you want entertainment in 2013, look no farther than Philly.

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