Tyus Jones Writes "100 Percent Still the Plan" To Play with Jahlil Okafor

By Dave Daniels
Tyus Jones NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Minnesota
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

When Tyus Jones makes a proclamation, it has been my experience in my brief time following him that he speaks or writes the truth, which is incredibly refreshing in this age of athletes with a cliche answer for every question.

Jones recently put some questions to rest on his USA TODAY Sports blog posted recently by Jason Jordan.

“My next visit will be Oct. 18 to Kansas and the week after that I’ll head over to Duke” wrote Jones. “Jahlil is headed with me on both visits. So hopefully that shows everyone that we still have the same plan to play together in college. That’s 100 percent still the plan. I know there are a lot of rumors going around out there, but we’re not paying any attention to that. We know that people are gonna talk, but we know the plan. That’s all that matters.”

So it appears that the package deal plan is still in motion and we know from Jones previous blogs that he wants to make a decision by early November. He has definitely noticed an urgency too in the way that coaches are acting around him.

“I will say that the coaches have definitely been reaching out a little more frequently” Jones wrote. “They all know that I want to commit in November and they know that the window is shrinking a little. The intensity is picking up a lot, but it’s not too stressful. It’s still manageable.”

Well if the ultimate game manager thinks it is manageable, then I think he’ll be ably to handle it.

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