Carlos Quentin Drops Appeal For Eight-Game Suspension

The San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers do battle on Monday Night, however neither Zack Greinke nor Carlos Quentin will be available. The latter broke the formers collarbone amidst a brawl for MLB ages. Quentin was suspended eight games for his actions and will no longer appeal the suspension.

San Diego will be without their slugger for over a week, so something will have to give when the club visits Dodgers Stadium for the first time since the incident. Dodgers faithful are incredibly sore about the issue and rightfully so as the NL West contenders are missing Greinke for at least a month.

Quentin should have not been suspended for eight games as he simply charged the mound and did not come out with a bat or anything. This is a prime example of MLB taking a side and feeling sorry for someone who threw at Quentin multiple times in a short span. Not to mention, Greinke had eight other players to defend him during the brawl, but had to play hero and got his clock cleaned by the angry Quentin in the process.

CQ is known as a fiery type of ballplayer, so Greinke should have known when the batter came running that it would not end pretty. If the Dodgers ace makes the right decision and ducks Quentin at first sight than both are probably in action during this series–instead, the Dodgers and Padres face each other as depleted teams. The only plus from the suspension is that the Padres slugger will not be subjected to the array of hit-by-pitches that was expected from Dodgers pitching.