CM Punk Punches Fan In Face At The End Of Monday Night Raw

By Riley Schmitt

CM Punk has made his bones as a controversial champion but he might have crossed the line on Monday Night Raw. As Punk was leaving, there is clear video of him taking a swing at a fan. The bad thing is that he connected with the guy’s face. This is not going to be good going forward.

I admit this is not the world’s greatest video and I will update this as soon as more video comes available.  However, this video works enough to show you the interaction.  It works best in the slower motion.  It appears there is some altercation which leads to a shove and a punch.  Not a good thing for either person.

If the fan is hurt, this is going to end up being a lawsuit and that is not something the company wants to deal with.  Punk is one of the top guys in the company but hitting fans is something that no one can condone.  If the fan swung first, it is a different story.  However, we will have to wait for all the facts to come out about this.

Raw has started to improve but this is a good way to suck a lot of steam out of the program.  Hitting fans is going to open up a Pandora’s box and it is one that the company cannot deal with.  They cater to kids and punching fans in the face is not the best message to be sending to people.

We will follow this and update with more information.


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