Lance Armstrong Should Just Come Clean In Interview

By Andy Schmidt
Presse Sports-USA TODAY Sports

There have been very few things that I have wanted to see more than Lance Armstrong actually confessing what he did. It sounds like I will get my wish this week when Armstrong sits down with Oprah Winfrey for a candid interview that reports say will have Armstrong confessing some to performance-enhancing drug use. Everyone looked up to Armstrong during his run of seven straight Tour de France titles after being diagnosed with cancer but all that good will has gone right out the window with me.

We have reached a point in sports where you can’t trust anyone anymore. If a player hits 50 home runs or rushes for 2,000 yards, it must have something to do with steroids these days. While the major sports are doing a better job of identifying and punishing athletes who do it, we all know that everyone isn’t getting caught. Armstrong was one that I would assume thought he had gotten away with his steroid use but the truth comes out in due time and time has run out on Armstrong.

I will be interested to see how much Armstrong actually admits to but hopefully during what is promised to be a no-holds-barred interview, Armstrong will just come completely clean. That isn’t likely but at this point with Armstrong already banned for life from cycling, he might as well just come out and tell the whole truth. It is a sad story for the millions of people who thought Armstrong was clean all this time and now find out that Armstrong is a sham.

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