Kevin Durant's Grandma Asks Him To Stop Swearing On The Court

By Riley Schmitt
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant may be one of the best basketball players on the planet, but he is not above one set of rules. The rules of grandparents will always overrule anything else. The Oklahoma City Thunder star found that out when his grandmother texted him and asked him to stop swearing while he is on the court.

That photo comes from Durant’s Instagram and I have not stopped laughing about it. I simply can’t believe that his grandma texted him to tell him stop swearing. First off, my grandma has no idea how to text, so I can’t picture someone like her texting. That may be the main reason why this has me thrown for a loop.

Maybe Durant will stop swearing on the court.  Basketball is an emotional game and you can hear guys swearing all the time if you listen close enough.  Durant seems to be a guy who is more serene than that, but the audio doesn’t always get picked up.  If they shoot a closeup of a player, more often than not they are mumbling some not nice words.

If this doesn’t win the picture of the day, nothing should.  That award probably does not exist but it should for cases like this.  When a superstar gets called out on his potty mouth by his grandma, we need to be able to award her something for that.  You never know.   She might stop cooking for him, which could be the worst thing ever.  Everyone knows grandmas are the best cooks.

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