Boston Celtics: SG Avery Bradley Will Play After His Return From Injury


BOSTON- A recent interview by Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers let the world know Rivers rotation for the shooting guard spot. New comer Courtney Lee will be the starter. Fellow newcomer Jason Terry will be coming off the bench. This rotation is not a surprise nor in my opinion was it a debate of which player will start and which would come off the bench. Terry was signed to fill the role of scorer off the bench that he has been very successful doing throughout his career. Lee would have to be the starter as the only other healthy shooting guard on the roster.

The real news in the interview was the fact that last year’s starter at shooting guard and currently recovering from shoulder surgeries Avery Bradley ‘s role will be determined according to Rivers. This news is absolutely absurd. There is zero chance that Avery Bradley will not be getting his starting job as starting Boston Celtics shooting guard back once he returns from injury.

The fact is Bradley gives the Celtics too much to not have him playing thirty minutes a night. Bradley is a weapon defensively with great instincts, great tenacity, and an abundance of energy. Bradley is not only the best on the ball defender the Celtics have, but perhaps the best on ball defender in the entire NBA. The opposition works for everything with Bradley pressing. Bradley can not only pressure the ball,but also blanket his man on the perimeter as he can fight through picks and screens with tenacious energy. Bradley is also a solid post defender despite his lack of size. Bradley proved that he was a defensive machine last season. Bradley would pressure the ball and swallow players hole with his great defensive skills. Guys like Dwayne Wade and John Wall were dominated by Bradley’s defense.

Bradley’s offensive game was also proven to be solid last season. Bradley would use his speed and athleticism to make quick cuts to the basket for easy scores. Bradley can also run and transition and became a favorite target of point guard Rajon Rondo. Bradley’s jump shot was also improved. Bradley would hit jump shot after jump shot and even extend his range to beyond the three point line. Bradley would hit some big shots in the playoffs and thus prove his offensive worth.

I understand Doc has to say that Bradley’s role will be determined. If Doc does not make this statement then he risks losing out on a motivated Courtney Lee. Lee believes that he can win this starting job with strong play and thus will be his busting hump to win the job. The Celtics are a better team with a motivated Lee than they are with a guy that knows that he is just holding down the fort until the starter returns. Doc also gets to motivate Bradley to even better heights as Bradley knows that there is a legit challenger for his snob on the roster.

Doc can play all the motivational games that he wants to. The bottom line is the best players play. The best players play because teams want to win and that gives them the best chance to do so. Doc Rivers has followed this creed his entire NBA career because it is about winning for him. Do not get me wrong, Courtney Lee is a nice player. Lee will more than hold the fort down in Bradley’s absence,but he cannot give Boston what Bradley gives them. Bradley is simply a better player and thus should and will start once he is ready to return and proves that he is at full strength. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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