NBA Rumors: Phil Jackson to be Face of New Seattle Franchise?

By Kris Hughes
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There have been rumors swirling over the past few weeks that a sale of the Sacramento Kings franchise by owners the Maloof brothers was pending, and a foregone conclusion. A sale that would move the team from Northern California to Seattle– giving the Key City an NBA franchise for the first time since the Supersonics’ departure to Oklahoma City in 2008.

Obviously, the new Seattle franchise will want to get started with a bang, and accordingly a rumor regarding one of the usual suspects is popping up. Several reports are suggesting that legendary coach Phil Jackson could have a substantial role in the front office operations of the Seattle franchise as soon as the trigger is pulled on the deal.

Peter Vescey — a long-time NBA insider, who is usually on-target — tweeted the following recently:


This type of role for Jackson is believable for a number of reasons:

– Who could possibly be better to mentor a new head coach in Seattle than Jackson?

– Some light pressure will constantly be on this coach — whomever it may end up being — with Jackson looming in the background. For the right person, this pressure will be a motivating factor. For the wrong person, it’ll be enough to make them crumble.

Win win.

Although the Seattle franchise is speculation until a deal is finalized, expect for more people to be analyzing Phil Jackson’s potential role in the franchise regardless in coming weeks.

And, as rumor has it, he’s not the only big name the prospective Seattle ownership group has in its sights. If they can pull off the purchase from the Maloofs, something tells me a bunch of blank checks will be floating around very soon.

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