Will Missouri Head Coach Frank Haith End Up ‘Off the Hook’?

Frank Haith

What a difference 24 hours has made for Frank Haith and his Missouri Tigers ball club. The former head coach of the Miami Hurricanes was facing some allegations – serious ones that would likely have brought his future with Missouri to […]

Mike Dixon Was Accused of Forcible Rape, Charges Dropped

Michael Dixon

Of all the possible explanations for the suspension of the Missouri Tigers‘ guard Michael Dixon, Jr., this one is by far the farthest from any of the guesses so far, and also the most unfortunate. Steve Walentik of the Columbia Daily […]

Morehead State Coach Sean Woods Sets Terrible Example

Sean Woods

It’s hard for someone who isn’t involved in a particular line of work to tell a professional–someone getting paid for what it is they’re doing–that what they’re doing stinks. But Sean Woods, what you’re doing absolutely stinks. There is no […]

Michael Dixon Travels to Bahamas, Why Frank Haith Needs to Play Him

Michael Dixon

It hasn’t quite been the start that Michael Dixon envisioned for his senior season. After Missouri Tigers‘ head coach Frank Haith announced on October 26 that Dixon–along with freshman guard Dominique Bull–was suspended, many Mizzou fans assumed that it would only be […]

Mizzou Alumni Create Stale Environment at Basketball Games

Mizzou Arena

Coming off of a magical 30-5 regular season and an amazing postseason tournament run that saw them claim their last possible Big 12 championship, you’d figure that the Missouri Tigers would have a great crowd for fans to show the […]

Missouri Suspends Guard Michael Dixon Jr. Indefinitely

Michael Dixon, Jr.

It’s been a great off-season so far for the Missouri Tigers, as they gear up for their inguinal romp in the SEC. That joy took a major hit on Friday as head coach Frank Haith announced that senior guard Michael Dixon, Jr. […]