There Can Only be One Texas Longhorns QB

By Jeric Griffin
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Mack Brown is not an unintelligent individual. He’s really not. However, the fact he has continued to bounce back and forth between quarterbacks is absolutely ridiculous and his program is suffering because of it. In 2013, Brown and the Texas Longhorns must pick one starting quarterback and stick with him.

Was Colt McCoy ready to take over the reins as a true freshman after Vince Young‘s departure? Heck no, but the team stuck with him and that turned out pretty well for the Longhorns.

That’s not to say that Texas should just hand Colt’s younger brother, Case McCoy, the starting job because of his name, but whether it’s him or one of the other four passers on the Longhorns’ roster, one of them needs to be the only starter in 2013.

That’s right–Texas has five quarterbacks in camp this spring, more than they’ve had at one time in more than a decade. In addition to McCoy, incumbent “starter” David Ash returns, along with redshirt freshmen Connor Brewer and Jalen Overstreet and true freshman Tyrone Swoops. One of the three youngsters could set the woods on fire early and take over and if that happens, then so be it. At least the team will have one guy calling the plays in the huddle.

It really grinds on a team when the players are constantly having to adjust to a new system and that’s exactly what’s happening on a regular basis down in Austin. Texas suffered yet another disappointing season in 2012 because of it and that will be the case again in 2013 unless Brown wises up and puts one man at the helm for good.

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