Matt Schaub is Holding Back the Houston Texans

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The season for the Houston Texans came to an end with a divisional loss to the New England Patriots. There’s no shame in that; a lot of teams see their Super Bowl dreams die at the hands of Tom Brady. The issue for the Texans, going forward, is at the quarterback position. They have as much talent as anyone in the NFL, but they are being held back by Matt Schaub.

If we’ve learned anything this season; it’s that it is more important than ever to have a guy at the quarterback position who can win games almost by themselves. Schaub is above average but not by much; he is good enough to beat 75% of the teams in the league but he’s nowhere good enough to compete with the elite teams.

Outside of an early season win over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, Schaub was terrible in games versus the Patriots and other good teams. He struggled in the Wild Card win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Had the Bengals been able to do anything on offense; the Texans would have lost that game.

Even in the last game of the regular season; the Texans had a chance to wrap up home-field advantage and Schaub was completely outplayed by rookie, Andrew Luck. The Texans go into the off-season, in my opinion, with a decision to make.

If they are serious about winning a Championship, then they have to upgrade at the quarterback position. It still baffles me why they rebuffed Manning who expressed an interest in the Texans. They told Manning, and I’m paraphrasing, that they weren’t interested because they were happy with Schaub. It didn’t get much play at the time but the Texans would be legitimate contenders with Manning; they are pretenders with Schaub.

The Texans head into the off-season in limbo; are they a great team without a quarterback or are they an average team because of the quarterback. Either way, the question has to be answered and Schaub is not the answer.

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