With Chip Kelly at the Helm, Philadelphia Eagles May Hang onto QB Michael Vick

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Philadelphia Eagles tumbled out of playoff contention early in the 2012 season, it has been widely believed that the organization will cut ties with QB Michael Vick at season’s end.

But now that Chip Kelly has been named the Eagles’ new head coach in a bombshell of an acquisition, I wouldn’t be so hasty in assuming that Vick is sure to be out the door. Kelly was famous for his unique style of spread offense at the University of Oregon, a system in which Vick could surely thrive in.

Even though Vick has certainly lost his step to some degree, he is still an incredibly mobile and elusive quarterback who is more than capable of heaving the ball down-field.

Throughout his entire NFL career, Vick has been criticized for his inaccuracy in the passing game, but in a spread offense full of screens and dump passes, these imperfections can be camouflaged.

The main concern with Vick has always been his lack of durability. When a quarterback scrambles and runs down-field consistently, he opens himself up to a great chance of injury. In his four years with the Eagles, the most games that Vick has played in during a regular season was 13 in 2011.

There is still great debate concerning the true potential of Eagles backup QB Nick Foles, as he struggled mightily in his six regular season starts this year in place of a concussed Vick. If Kelly plans on running the same style of offense in Philly as he did in Oregon, then he is going to require a QB with much more escapability than Foles.

Therefore, the Eagles should either keep Vick around to see how well he meshes with Kelly, or they should eye a quarterback early in this year’s 2013 NFL Draft who can comfortably adapt to a spread system.

It certainly doesn’t help Vick’s cause that the Eagles will not owe him anymore money on his contract if the organization releases him within three days of the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVII.

But if Coach Kelly and the Eagles want to keep a mobile, veteran quarterback in town that can help develop another young speedster, than they should consider holding onto Vick.


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