Washington Redskins Could Use Tim Tebow

By Ricky Allen
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins and Tim Tebow? I know you read that headline and were like, REALLY?

You can blame Redskins’ Defensive End Adam Carriker for this post.  Recently he made some comments in regards to the status of Tim Tebow in the NFL on his radio show, 4th & Pain. He said, “…I think he could play as a big third down back or a fullback… He could even go play linebacker if he wanted…To me, the guy should still get a shot as a quarterback…The guy can still play.”

Tebow only had 39 yards this season, but that wasn’t because of him. You can tag that on the forehead of Rex Ryan.  This post is in no way, shape, or form campaigning for Tebow to come to the Redskins as a quarterback. We have more than enough talent at that spot (feels good to say that now). However, Tebow would be a great third down fullback. Here’s the breakdown of his performance with the Denver Broncos:

  • In the 2010-11 season, Tebow rushed for 227 yards and had six touchdowns
  • In the 2001-12 season,  he rushed for 660 yards and had six touchdowns.
  • In both seasons mentioned, Tebow averaged five yards per carry.

Think whatever you like, but the fullback position is something that could use a guy like Tebow.  On a more personal note, I feel the guy was sent to the New York Jets in an attempt to bury his career.  People want to erase this guy. I’m not down with that because it’s unfair. He’s done nothing more than want to play football. So, let him play football. In fact, send him to a team who knows all too well about how to earn respect- if not take it.  Tebow would fit in well with the Redskins because he, like many of those on the team, are used to people looking past them.  And even though a great deal of fanfare comes with this player, they’ve dealt with distractions like that before. I think it would be different, especially if he were to come in primarily as a fullback. This could work.



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