Chicago Bears: Why Does Devin Hester Want To Retire?

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Ever since the Chicago Bears fired Lovie Smith and Devin Hester had his now infamous hissy fit proclaiming he wanted to retire, I have been trying to figure out exactly what he is so angry and frustrated with. At a […]

2013 NFL Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens’ Big Plays Sets Up Harbaugh Bowl

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Well I am now 0-6 in championship game predictions over the past three seasons. Interestingly enough I felt sure the ‘Harbowl’ would take place last season, but a stellar second half performance from the Baltimore Ravens ensured the football world […]

2013 NFL Playoffs: Turnovers Grab More Momentum For Baltimore Ravens

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The Baltimore Ravens grabbed the bull by the horns in the 2013 AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots with two very well constructed and executed touchdown drives on their second and third drives of the second half at […]

Baltimore Ravens Grab Momentum With Big Back-To-Back Touchdown Drives

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Huge plays win title games, or in the case of the Baltimore Ravens, in the 2012 AFC Championship game, failing to cash in on huge plays or indeed complete them will lose you games. The commitment on defense is there […]

2013 AFC Championship Game: Tight Game Needs A Big Defining Play

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It is halftime in the 2013 AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens and few important plays have kept this a nail bitter at the half. This game hasn’t had the big plays we all […]

2013 NFL Playoffs: Ravens vs. Patriots AFC Championship Game Preview

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The NFL season is drawing close to its conclusion, in less than 12 hours everyone will know which two teams will be competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in New Orleans in Super Bowl XLVII. In what turns out to […]

NFL Rumors: Is Brian Urlacher Heading The Same Way As Rod Marinelli?

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With the a new era dawning at Halas Hall for the Chicago Bears, Marc Trestman announced in his introductory press conference, that despite talking to the veteran defensive coach, Rod Marinelli couldn’t be persuaded to return to the Bears’ side […]

Make or Break Season for Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears

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Since arriving as the hallowed savior of Halas Hall four years ago, Jay Cutler has yet to put up the numbers or be a part of that elite offense everyone expected when Jerry Angelo traded for him in 2009. I […]

Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler Finds Redemption In the Redskins Loss

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What do the 2010 Chicago Bears and the 2012 Washington Redskins have in common? Both had franchise quarterbacks who due to knee injuries were playing their respective playoff games on one leg and both didn’t make the Super Bowl in […]

Chicago Bears: Phil Emery’s Coach Search Is Heading In The Right Direction

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I have come to the realization that many are guilty of being unable to rationally discern what they actually want from the Chicago Bears in return for their respective fandom. After enduring many tweets during the Washington Redskins playoff game […]

The Chicago Bears Draw The Line And End The Lovie Smith Era

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The Chicago Bears did exactly what I wanted them to do on black Monday in the NFL. Phil Emery made a swift and decisive decision which resulted in the end of the Lovie Smith era at Halas Hall. Whilst I […]

Chicago Bears Left The Door Open, The Vikings Strolled Through It

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The Minnesota Vikings went toe to toe and blow for blow with the Green Bay Packers in what turned out to be one heck of a game at the Mall of America Field today. The Vikings rolled out deserved winners […]