Scott Van Pelt Drains Half Court Shot

By Riley Schmitt

 Scott Van Pelt is probably one of the best personalities that ESPN has.  He is engaging on all forms of media that he happens to appear on.  His radio show is great, his SportsCenter work is funny, and his Twitter work is engaging.  Plus, he can make half court shots.

Not a bad shot by Van Pelt here.  He shows good form on the shot too.  He doesn’t move too fast and uses proper shooting form.  That is how you can improve your chances at making it.  If you end up just whipping it at the basket, chances are you will end up failing.

If you let me put on my “TV show idea guy” hat, I have the perfect idea for a new game.  You take a bunch of ESPN personalities and you put them in competitions like this.  I would say a dunk contest would be interesting but made dunks are a lot more interesting than people struggling to touch the rim.

Trust me, you would not change the channel if you saw your favorite ESPN personalities lining up make half court shots.  Heck, I would tune in even if Skip Bayless was the featured guy that week.  If we don’t want him shooting, we can put him in a dunk tank and make him useful for once.

Props to Van Pelt for a well done half court shot.  The young kids can learn a lot from him, on and off the court.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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